Mirka Talavašková

The founder and the soul of Talabaya is Mirka Talavašková, a designer who studied fashion in both Prague and Paris. In Talabaya’s first collection, presented at Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane 2018 in Dubai, Mirka Talavašková displays clearly her desire to open new horizons and to connect various cultural inspirations that may at first seem too diverse.

Mirka Talavašková is one of the world’s first designers to bridge the gaps between cultures and religions and connect so many sources of inspiration. Perhaps it was her childhood love for books of travels, traveling herself and getting exposed to new cultures that feed her creativity and give her designs their international dimension.

Mirka Talavašková followed her childhood dream to become a fashion designer throughout her studies. After graduating from The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and an internship at Parisian Atelier du Sartel, she landed at Prague’s luxurious tailor Delor.

This tailor‘s cooperation with top materials supplier Dormeuil taught Mirka Talavašková the love of luxurious fabrics and precision of work. After successfully setting up a women’s division in Delore, Mirka decided to start her own brand, Talabaya.

The very first story of Talabaya was written by the designer, Mirka Talavašková, and one of her clients. This client needed a new wardrobe before setting off for her new job in the Middle East. Her clothes had to respect local traditions and be suitable for all events.

The creations honoured the client’s individual style while respecting local customs in clothing.

Talabaya embarked on a journey leading to the fairy tale lands of the Orient, where the barriers between cultures have been forever obliterated.