Discover pure sophisticated elegance and grace, combined with everyday practicality and variability.
Individual collections are easily combined as a cornerstone of their basic philosophy is a harmony to create the perfect outfit for any woman, any day of her life.



Talabaya is first and foremost an elegant and pure style inspired not only by the Orient but also Mirka Talavašková’s own European culture. This collection also sticks to our signature modest style, which is very easily combinable. Due to our love for travelling we put emphasis on the variability of our designs in any cultural environment. In winter collections, our designer tends to prefer structures and patterns of the fabrics over colours.



Nature is waking up and bringing us all the beauty of spring.

Let the warm colours of sunny days brighten up your wardrobe and enjoy every day in Talabaya style.

Long flowy dresses in bright pastels are the keystone of this collection.

A collection inspired by the colours of meadow flowers will grip you with its playfulness and minimalistic design. These garments will lighten your mood and remind you of sentimental summer moments.

These dresses can also be custom-made from any available material and in many colours, depending on client’s taste and preferences.

You can order these tailor-made dresses via a WhatsApp message. It is not necessary to visit our studio in person. We only need to know your basic measurements, colour and material preference. Offer varies due to the availability of materials and current samples of our suppliers. For further information do not hesitate to contact Mirka Talavašková.



THE NEXT Talabaya collection brings contrasts in every aspect of our lives.
Black and white garments in cashmere, silk, viscose and polyester can be easily combined among themselves or worn as a statement piece in any outfit.

This collection corresponds with our latest collection NUMBER 5. We have put an even greater emphasis on the quality of materials and details that make these garments completely unique.



The limited collection introduced in February 2019 at PRET A COVER™ DUBAI 2019 was a part of a retail summit tackling a key topic nowadays- sustainable fashion. This is why this collection is based on natural materials and versatility of every single piece of garment. Part of the dress is our signature shawl, that can be worn instead of a belt to highlight your silhouette, as a headscarf or scarf around your neck or you can simply let it float behind you and enjoy its lightness.



Aesthetics and atmosphere, so important for our first collection, are further evolved here. The Sequel collection naturally connects to The First collection and becomes its continuation. It is a distinctive fusion of two very different worlds, the European one and the Oriental one.



The First collection began the Talabay journey. It was these designs that launched the brand at Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane in Dubai in 2018. The foundation stones of the collection are luxurious materials, European minimalism and strong influence of Oriental aesthetics.



What is unique about Talashirts is the hidden collar creating a tuck through which you can very effectively thread ties, laces or jewellery.

Shirts are available in medium length at our e-shop in four different colours or can also be tailor-made according to your specifications. They are suitable to pair with suits, trousers and skirts or as a shirt dress in various materials. Shirt dresses make excellent outfits for many occasions, especially when combined with our hand-made Talabaya belts.