You and Talabaya in a turning point in your life

The story of Talabaya and her client continues…
When our client approached the designer Mirka Talavašková again, this time wishing for her dream wedding dress, it brought us real happiness. Our dress would complete perfectly a truly magical moment celebrating love and two lives becoming one in a slightly non-traditional Czech wedding with a hint of the Orient.

A tailor-made garment is always an intimate affair; the designer and her client have to find a perfect harmony to create something beautiful together. When it comes to a wedding dress, you have to go a step further. We see this as a pinnacle of any designer’s role.
Every bride wants to shine on her special day, she yearns to become the flawless self-confident goddess, a fairy or a princess and she puts a lot of trust into her designer.
We value this trust at the Talabaya studio endlessly and we approach every garment with respect, love for the trade, emphasis on excellent material and precise craftsmanship.
Let’s create your dream wedding dress together!

The process is quite simple. First, we will meet to talk about your wedding in general: what kind of a wedding are you planning, what you imagine it will look like, your personal likes and dislikes etc. Your initial ideas will then be put into a rough cut and you will select the material. After subsequent 3-5 meetings, we will hand over your finished wedding dress. However, if the design you have selected is particularly complicated or very time consuming due to a large amount of hand-made detailing, we may require additional meetings.
Minimum amount of time required to create your dress is 4-8 weeks. The fabrics are sourced from the Czech Republic as well as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

The price of the dress depends on the selected materials and required time and difficulty of the work done, which we will be able to evaluate after our first meeting.

Escape the mundanity with the unique style of Talabaya. 
Experience the feeling of loving yourself every single day in tailor-made Talabaya garments.
Bring elegance and delicacy into your everyday life!