Talabaya is mostly an elegant, clean style, inspired by both the Orient and our European culture, where I live.

As in my previous collections, I hold on to a simple modest style, which is easy to combine.

Thanks to my love to travel I emphasize the variability of clothing in any cultural environment.

In this collection, I chose to highlight structures and patterns of materials over colors.

As it is common in my designs, even behind this collection, there is a hidden story.

I had the honor to be awarded for my work at the prestigious Retail Summit organized by Islamic Fashion and Design Council in Dubai. As part of this award, I was sent to Porto in Portugal to a Textile fair Modtissimo. At first sight, I fell in love with textiles of two Spanish companies. When I saw the fabrics, I immediately started creating the new collection in my mind.

When finalizing the winter collection I added also two Czech companies to my Spanish suppliers and combined various materials together, such as polyester, lace, brocade etc.

I emphasized not only elegance but also comfort, wearability and simple maintenance.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy it!