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Tell us more about the brands concept & design approach

I started working on this project when a friend contacted me ahead of her move to Saudi Arabia. While working with her, I developed a passion for a fusion of these two cultures in my fashion. I have watched her traveling around the Gulf region while wearing my creations, and imagined a collection that combines the elegance of Arab women and luxurious materials with European details.


What does the name of the brand mean or signify?

The name itself combines part of my name (Talavaskova) with “abaya”, a luxurious but modest fashion garment that has charmed the fashion industry, including myself.


Brief on the latest launched collection (inspiration, fabrics, design techniques, no. Of pieces, color palette)

I found inspiration in my entire previous work. The cuts that I used were inspired by the designs for my clients in Prague,I payed particular attention to transferring what I do in Prague into Talabaya. Talabaya design is simple and minimalist to make Talabaya easily combined with my clients’ existing wardrobe and accessories. Colors respect traditional black abaya,ivory is its exact opposite, clean and clear,everyone looks wonderful in powder pink, gold like sand matches wonderfully tanned skin of Arabic women.


What’s your opinion on modest fashion wear that’s taken over the international fashion scene,”?

I believe that we have witnessed a lot of interest, or curiosity in modest fashion globally. The most renowned brands have created luxurious abayas. Headscarf (as well as other head covers) have featured in fashion collections over the past years. There is also a growing diversity in the fashion industry itself where we see more and more modest fashion designers and their collections in the mainstream fashion. Diversity is always good. I believe that fashion is part of being able to express yourself, and this diversity allows women to be themselves. It allows them to make fashion choices which correspond to their personal preferences, be it religious or not. Modest for me does not mean only Muslim though recently it has been associated with the Muslim culture mostly. It is a preference, a choice. Modest for me is also the current mood of our time,we have been over saturated by naked skin, a woman has shown everything she could have. It’s perhaps the influence of Arabic modest fashion that leads us, Westerners, to take a moment and think whether it’s smart to show everything at first glance. For me as a designer,it’s fascinating to work with such contrasts and experience them from perhaps philosophical point of view.What makes fashion womanly???


What makes an abaya elegant and practical?

Abaya is a practical and comfortable outerwear. When an interesting and practical material is chosen,it can be also very fashionable a little modern. Abaya can be worn as a light wrap, flowing around your body or a practical coat.


Can you reveal details of your upcoming collection?

My collection aims to provide versatile, sleek elegance. I also prefer timeless models. I believe that with my designs, the accessories used can reflect the current trends or the personal style of the woman wearing them. This is probably why I enjoy modest fashion – abayas are also timeless and the combination with different accessories makes a different style every day. I’m going to connect this new collection with the previous one so the two will have the same silhouette but the materials and the details are changing.


Tips and advice on styling modest and trendy outfits in the summer

Now a days, fashion is about the personality of its owner. Trend loses its importance. Each brand is profiling itself, they create their style and focus on the style of their clients. As a designer, I follow the development worldwide, but I do not surrender to the pressure to fall within a certain category or the current trend. On the contrary, I encourage all my clients to understand what suits her best. We can wear anything as long as it makes us feel good. I personally prefer simple,even minimalist clothing that can be easily combined with the wardrobe you already have and accessories that can easily change the whole outfit according to your mood and the occasion.



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26. 4. 2021