Talabaya: An Elegant Fusion

By Hana Bushnaq

Prague meets Dubai and the result is a piece of clothing that is modest, luxurious and with ample attention to detail. Founded by Mirka Talavaškovā, from the Czech Republic, this brand is born out of a fusion, or as the designer herself calls it “a marriage” between European and Middle Eastern Fashion. The name itself is part East, part West. The first part of the name comes from the designer’s surname, and the second, abaya, is the garment of modest clothing that has cast its charming spell on the fashion world, including Talavaskovā herself. Characterized by a smooth flair, the pieces boast grand materials and a sense of uniqueness. Part of that uniqueness comes from the versatility of items, and their ability to blend in with each woman’s current wardrobe; namingly her accessories. This makes for a garment that a woman can shine through, and not disappear under.

There is also quite a story to tell behind the unfolding of this brand. Talavaškovā’s friend resorted to her before her move to Saudi Arabia. While working on a few pieces for her, she fell in love with this mingling of cultures. She presents a full collection of ‘Talabayas’ in the Pret-a-Cover-Buyer’s Lane event at Citywalk, Dubai, UAE which will be her first. Talavaškovā realizes that Dubai is the place to be for such a first, being a hub for high end lifestyle and fashion, as well as a melting pot of cultures itself and a locale where modest fashion has deep, solid roots. We have no doubt that this brand will make a buzz in IFDC’s upcoming show.

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Posted on

26. 4. 2021